Smart Growth Principles for the 21st Century – Kaid Benfield, 2010

1. Foster neighborhoods hospitable to residents with a range of incomes, ages and abilities.
2. Enhance, create and maintain communities that encourage healthy living.
3. Provide walkable access to shops, amenities, and services, including good schools, healthy food, and parks.
4. Accommodate and provide a variety of convenient, safe, affordable and efficient transportation choices.
5. Respect nature, integrating natural areas and systems into regional planning and neighborhood design.
6. Identify, respect and enhance the strengths and character of existing communities.
7. Keep regional footprints small and discernible, limiting the encroachment of new development onto natural and rural land.
8. When constructing new development, use land efficiently, with design appropriate to the context.
9. Encourage collaboration in planning and development that leads to predictable, fair decisions that benefit all stakeholders.
10. Take advantage of resource-efficient design, development and management practices.

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